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            1. Contract furniture manufacturers Manchester | Furniture repairs

              Contract furniture manufacturers Manchester

              PS Contract Furniture is a relatively new company which evolved from P&B Contract Furniture established in 2005. What we do is not only the designing and manufacturing of furniture, but also renovating, restoring and upholstering. The company polishes and paints wood and can carry out repairs to car upholstery as well. As a professional contract furniture manufacturers in Manchester we can offer you also fully bespoke service for hospitals, restaurants, bathrooms, bedrooms and lots of other places and interiors.

              All of our furniture is hand-made from solid wood which makes them really special. Our team shares the passion for high quality, well-built furniture and will do their best to bring your vision to life as great customer service is the most important aspect for us. All of the bespoke furniture we make have their own character and are one of a kind. Furniture renovation, furniture repairs? as well as wide range of soft furnishings allows us to satisfy even most demanding Clients.

              The fact that we serve not only businesses, but also individuals is not without significance. So no matter if you are a pub owner that needs a breath of fresh air in his place, the medical staff looking for higher comfort for your patients or just the individual searching for a new sofa, we are here to help you. If you need - we can deal with contemporary contract furniture projects of different complexity levels and types.