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      Hydropower bearings Applications

      Hydropower bearings

      Specifically for hydro power and water gate, OILES have been supplying self-lubricating bearings to those industries for over 60 years, and now, OILES self-lubricating bearing is used in more than 2,000 facility of Hydropower industry throughout the world.


      Water Turbine

      • Wicket gate / guide vane bushings
      • Wicket gate / linkage bushings
      • Operating rings / guide Plates
      • Main shaft / guide bushings, seal bearings
      • Kaplan runner / blade bushings
      • Inlet butterfly valve / bushings

      Water Gates

      • Radial gate / trunnion bushings
      • Roller gate / roller bushings
      • Ship lock gate / pintle bearings,cylinder bearings

      OILES bearings / bushings ,plates, pads

      Metallic bearings

      Plastic bearings / composite bearings

      Our high-performance metallic and plastic bearings are specifically designed for use in hydro industry.

      Feature of OILES bearings


      Reduce the lubrication quantity and frequency or that can be used without oil or grease.


      Protects the environment against contamination from oil.

      Reduction of running costs

      Reduces lubricating oil consumption and equipment maintenance costs and enables a remarkable reduction in operating costs.

      Corrosion resistance

      Can be used in corrosion environments, such as wet environments.


      Possible to choose from metallic and plastic bearing according to the conditions for use.

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