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      Top>使用事例>Automotive applications

      Automotive applications


      OILES has developed unique and original self-lubricating sliding bearings as well as unit products, and has greatly contributed to lower car fuel consumption and weight.
      Its excellent bearing performance and technical service is highly acclaimed all over the world. OILES has conducted a wide range of transactions with automobile as well as automotive parts manufacturers around the world, and has been involved in numerous joint development projects.

      Power Train

      OILES plastic bearings, PTFE multi-layer bearings, sintered bearings, metal composite bearings, as well as a variety of other products are used in power trains.
      We propose products that best match the operating environment (high temperature, oil, vibration, frequent start-stop operations, etc.), and contribute to lower fuel consumption as a result of friction loss reduction.


      EngineElectric throttle valve / OILES Bush
      Solenoid for common rail system / OILES Bush
      EGR valve / OILES Bush
      Engine AccessoryBelt tensioner / OILES Bush
      Compressors / OILES Bush,Washer
      Oil pump / OILES Bush
      Pulley dampers / OILES Bush
      ExhaustSpherical joint / OILES Seal Bearing
      Valve / OILES Bush
      Transmission(MT)Shift rod、select device / OILES Bush
      Shift fork / OILES Bush
      Clutch release fork / OILES Bush
      Transmission(AT/CVT)Solenoid for control unit / OILES Bush
      TransmissionElectric oil pump / OILES Bush
      Differential gear / OILES Washer

      Steering and Suspension

      Many OILES bearings are used in steering columns, gear boxes, as well as suspension parts, and play an important role in the steering function.
      We created a system capable of carrying out an evaluation test of the steering and suspension as a single steering system, and offer an improvement of the handle steering feeling.


      Steering ColumElectric tilt & telescopic / OILES Bush
      Breakaway device / OILES Bush,plate
      Main Shaft / OILES Bush
      SteeringEPS Motor / OILES Coupling
      Steering GearboxPinion Shaft / OILES Bush
      Yoke / OILES Support Yoke
      Rack Bar / OILES Bush
      SuspensionBall joint / OILES Ball sheets
      Strut mount / OILES PS Bearing (Strut Bearing)
      Shock absorber / OILES Bush
      Steering and Suspension

      Body , Seat , Pedal

      The excellent durability and low friction of the OILES bearings guarantee a smooth operation with no rattle. The bearings are also used in door hinges and pedals.
      In addition, we have also developed unique unit products such as special-oil-filled seat dampers and plastic parts conjointly used to generate friction in hysteresis generators.


      DoorHinge / OILES Bush
      Checker / OILES Slider
      HoodHinge / OILES Bush
      TrunkHinge / OILES Bush
      Tail GateHinge / OILES Bush
      PedalBrake, Clutch / OILES Bush
      Accel, Brake / OILES Variable hysteresis generating device
      SeatHeight adjuster / OILES Bush
      Reclining / OILES Bush
      Armrest / OILES Bush
      Arrangement / OILES Rotary Damper
      Body , Seat , Pedal